Burnify Litepaper v6
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The NFT Collection - BUFU

About the Collection
The BUFU NFT collection would serve as an additional reward mechanism within Burnify.App. It's designed so that 50% of the Burnify protocol fee would be directed towards this collection.

Earning Rewards

  • Gaining Strength: Creating a batch would increase strength by 2. For example, making 5 batches would grant 10 strength.
  • Losing Strength:
    • Unstaking one or more NFTs would halve your accumulated strength. For each NFT, your strength is halved.
    • Not making any batches for 4 consecutive cycles would decrease strength by 3 for each missed cycle.

Gaining and Losing Strength

  • Initial Strength: Each BUFU NFT would open with 15 strength.
  • Staking NFTs:
    • Staking 1 NFT would start at 0/15 strength.
    • Staking 2 NFTs would start at 0/30 strength, and so forth.

Special Notes on NFT Strength

  • Unstaking Impact: Unstaking an NFT would reduce its strength by 50% (rounded down). For instance, an NFT with 9 strength would have 4 strength when unstaked.
  • Inactivity Penalty:
    • Unstaking an NFT with 3 days of inactivity would result in an immediate 50% drop in strength, followed by a loss of 3 strength per day after an additional 2 days.
    • An NFT's strength would also decrease by 2 if it remains inactive for 4 cycles.