Burnify Litepaper v6
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We are well aware that $BFY needs utility outside the protocol also. On this page, we list some of the features that we have in discussion to be implemented.
Nothing from this page is a guarantee that will be developed!
We are discussing each topic and prioritize depending on multiple factors. (community adoption, market conditions, etc.)

Boost option for other projects

If a project has it's token listed in the Burnify protocol, they may have the option to boost $EGLD rewards for the users sending batches with their token.

DAO Governance

After the main features of the protocol going live, we're planning on building a DAO, so that users may vote exclusively on technical developments of the project and possibly, for example, which tokens should/shouldn't join the protocol.

Discounted tokens

Token discount means that if 1 batch = 0.15 EGLD + 100 $BFY and there is a discount of 50%, you will send 50 $BFY and the other 50 $BFY will be taken from the buffer.

BUFU NFT Collection

Enabeling another stream of rewards. Own a BUFU and a piece of Burnify Forever. Maximum number 666, Half of the protocol fee would go to NFT strength-stakers

⏳NFTs burning

We're working on a mechanism to enable projects to burn their NFTs for various reasons. We'll have to find a mechanism to balance token values with the NFTs and generate rewards in a fair manner.

⏳ Leaderboards

⏳ NFT Raffle guilds

⏳LP stake

⏳Burnify path

Let us know what you think: https://t.me/Burnify